Migration Service

Let us handle it


Depends on hosting plan (get in touch).


Up to 24-48 hours, depending on workload.

We will be fully in charge of moving all your content over and get everything setup, so you’ll have a painless transition without any headaches. You would only need to get hosting, we’ll then take care of the rest!

What does the Migration Service include

  • Installation of WordPress on your Webhost.
  • If you already have a custom domain then you can continue to use this.
  • Transfer of all blog content (e.g. posts, comments, pages, etc.).
  • You will keep all your subscribers/followers!
  • WordPress settings tweaked to ensure the best Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Expert security setup (keep your blog safe from hackers and viruses).
  • Spam protection (stop comment spam).
  • Speed improvements so your site loads quickly.
  • Site remains online during the whole process (no downtime).

We take every precaution out there to ensure that all of the traffic to your blog’s domain is seamlessly routing to your new site while this is happening. Your visitors will not notice anything during the transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lose my content?

No, absolutely not! We only process an Export file of your WordPress.com blog. There is nothing that can get lost during this process, it’s impossible!

I have blog followers. Will they be transferred?

Yes, all your email and WordPress.com Reader followers will be transferred to your new site.

I purchased a premium theme at WordPress.com. Will it be transferred?

Premium themes purchased at WordPress.com are only valid at WordPress.com. If you decide to move to WordPress.org, there is most likely a self-hosted version of the same theme available for you. You will get a full refund of any themes purchased on WordPress.com within the last 30 days.

Can I not do this migration myself?

Sure you could! For those who would prefer the DIY route, we have a Full Guide on making the move yourself.

Ready to begin the migration?

Just fill out the form below we will get back to you ASAP with details on how we move forward. (We try our best to get back to you right away, but it could take up to a few hours on busy days).